Tips to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can turn a dull space into something extraordinary. However, this often comes at a steep cost. There are endless ways to cut remodeling costs, however, including the ideas on the list below.

1- Keep Plumbing in its Place

One of the biggest mistakes made during a remodeling project is moving sinks, tubs, etc. that also require relocation of the pies and plumbing system. Sure, if money’s no object it really isn’t a concern but when a budget is in place, keep plumbing right where it’s at. This is an expensive remodel that can cost thousands of dollars.

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2- Choose the Best Remodeler

Keep your options open when choosing a remodeler. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best and the least expensive is not always the worst. A mid-range priced remodeler has the best results for most people.

3- DIY Where You Can

Many projects you intend to complete in the bathroom will require professional expertise. However, there are a lot that you can also DIY with a few tools and a tutorial or two. DIY when you can to drastically cut remodeling costs.

4- Forego Tile

Tile is a popular bathroom material but it’s also expensive. Reclaimed wood and other materials offer a great look at a better price. Consider an alternative to tile and watch the budget shrink fast.

5- Look for Savings

Check online for promos and discounts, something many companies offer. Special packages may also offer discounted rates, but don’t expect the deals to jump out at you.

Keep the above tips in mind when it is time to hire experts for bathroom remodeling near me in arvada, co and save a ton of cash on the remodeling project. It’s your money; might as well protect it.